The Marchioness of Griñón has told in “El Hormiguero” that she suffered an incident with her dress

A week after celebrating her 40th birthday, details of the party continue to be known. Last night was her own Tamara Falco, the one that revealed the mishap she suffered with her dress at the Santoña Palace in Madrid.

The Marchioness of Griñón was very happy to have been able to collaborate with Ramón Freixá in preparing the menu for her party and revealed that the dress had been brought directly from a museum in Holland.

In addition, she was amused that during the party they went to a greeting and that “I was very excited because the whole floor was full of balloons.”

In addition, she related the incident she suffered when she went to change her dress. “I did not realize that during the whole dinner I had four balloons inside the dress, and I only saw them when I went to change”.

Tamara Falcó continues unstoppable. Not only does she triumph on television with her collaborations in the Pablo Motos program, but she has also recently released a collection with the jewelry firm Tous, for which she has designed necklaces, bracelets and medallions.

In addition, this week we also saw her in the program “Lazos de sangre” dedicated to her father, Carlos Falcó.

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