We reveal some details about the influencer’s birthday celebration, in which several members of the Matamoros clan coincided

Raquel Reitx, one of the influencers that is reaching the most impact in the last few months, she just threw a birthday party in style. The girl organized a fun event that did not lack detail: from a cold dinner based on fast food to a tattoo artist who marked in situ the skin of anyone she wanted.

How could it be otherwise, the party, with an obligatory ‘extravaganzza’ dress code, featured renowned guests and many well-known faces from the small screen and social networks, such as Kiko Matamoros, who came accompanied by his girlfriend, model Marta López.

There the collaborator of ‘Save me’ met old familiar faces that at some point were part of her family. One of them was Estela Grande, ex-wife of his son Diego Matamoros. This newspaper has learned that they did not say a word and that they tried to avoid each other at all times, thus starring one of the first (mis) encounters of the night.

It is not surprising, considering that in the past they were dedicated mutual attacks from television sets and gossip magazines.

Instead, Kiko Matamoros did exchange some gestures of complicity with Gabriel M., the ex-boyfriend of her daughter Anita, with which the word has not been spoken for several months as a result of the animosity that she seems to feel towards Marta López, her father’s girlfriend.

At this point, it should be remembered that now the influencer is also Gabriel M. is romantically involved with the birthday girl, a situation that did not seem to bother her former father-in-law Kiko Matamoros, who chatted animatedly with her at different times of the night.

The one who did not want to miss Raquel Reitx’s party was Alejandra Rubio, a close friend of Kiko Matamoros. Again, it is a somewhat uncomfortable scenario for the tertullian, since her daughter Anita and the granddaughter of María Teresa Campos starred some clashes in the past.

Although it seems that the situation between them has improved, only the youngest of Makoke knows how it has made her feel that her father makes such good friends with her ex-boyfriend and examines, at a time when her bond with him has also blown up.

Usually, an endogamous environment was breathed in which everyone seemed to be connected to everyone. A select and small circle of influencers and beautiful people who show a certain reluctance to rub shoulders with the rest of the mortals. With what new idyll will you surprise in the coming months?

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