Thing of spirits lost in limbo, voices that get lost between the four walls of an empty room. Isabel Pantoja, they count, look at the picture of her mother, placed on a table in the room, and addresses her with endless monologues that get no response.

The tonadillera is obsessed with the image of her mother, does not get used to the idea that she will not see her again. She spends hours sitting in front of her photographs, contemplates them one after another, recalling family episodes that will never be repeated.

But Isabel, in her mind, fights against reality, it is as if she enjoyed in a parallel world that mother who left never to return.

In this sense, the ‘spirit’ of doña Ana, the woman who with an iron character directed for years the folly of her daughter, disturbs the existence of those who loved him most in earthly life, and continues to love her even after she is dead.

Downcast, not wanting anything, she watches the hours go by on the farm, accompanied, alone, by his unconditional brother Agustín, your protector in good and bad.

In Cantora, the room of the deceased matriarch remains the same as she left her, no one touches, at the moment, her things, her clothes, her personal effects. It is a taboo subject.

The paranormal situation is worthy of a investigation of the missing ‘Fourth Millennium’. They already told in their day that another spirit, that of Francisco Rivera ‘Paquirri’, walked through the rooms.

Chabelita herself revealed on one occasion that she believed having seen the ghost of the bullfighter. Unusual episode for the Peruvian Hispanic, who must have felt an amazing fear. At the very least, chills. Now she has it with a certain relief, but the day it happened she came out terrified like a soul that the devil is chasing.

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