We have the photo of the supposed secret son of Camilo Sesto

We have the photo of the supposed secret son of Camilo Sesto

The young man assures that he maintains a good relationship with Camilín, who would be his brother

Two weeks ago, the program ‘Viva la vida’ made public information that replaced Camilo Sesto in the focus of controversy. As it slipped from the Telecinco magazine, the deceased singer would have a secret son who until now has remained anonymous.

Some collaborators were able to contemplate an image of the man who could be a descendant of the artist, and all emphasized the great resemblance between them, although the photograph was not made public to respect his privacy. However, now the ‘Socialité’ program has finally spread the face of Camilín’s hypothetical brother.

The research team of María Patiño’s program has discovered that the supposed secret son of Camilo Sesto he intervened “six or seven months ago” in ‘First Dates’, the Cuatro show presented by Carlos Sobera in which the participants have dates with strangers in order to find love.

At that time, the one who would be Camilín’s brother defined himself as a music lover who had Camilo Sesto as an idol, all a nod to the information that would later be made public.

It’s more, the young man started singing in the restaurant where he had the appointment, showing that he could have inherited the artistic gifts of his supposed father.

At present, this Catalan boy who, indeed, bears a great physical resemblance to Camilo Sesto and his son Camilín, resides in Ripollet and he makes a living as a taxi driver.

From ‘Vida la vida’ he slipped that he ensures that he maintains a very cordial relationship with his supposed brotherAlthough his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, categorically denies this information.

Now that his image has been made public, the media pressure will become much greater and a future intervention of the young person in some media is not ruled out to explain and provide more details about his alleged relationship with Camilo Sesto.

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