Arón Piper's radical change of look that leaves us with our mouths open

Arón Piper’s radical change of look that leaves us with our mouths open

The actor has joined one of the latest trends and wears an outfit never seen before in him

Arón Piper has become one of the most recognized actors in the country thanks to his roles in successful Netflix productions such as ‘Elite’ or ‘The mess you leave’.

In recent days, the media focus has turned to him due to rumors that suggest that he is in a relationship with the model Jessica Goicoechea, who published a photograph with the interpreter in which both appeared in very affectionate attitude.

Beyond his talent as an actor or his love life, Arón Piper has also become a style reference and the main menswear media have always praised his youthful and groundbreaking image that always bet on the latest trends.

In the case of his hairstyle it is no different, and the Asturian born in Berlin just underwent a radical makeover that has left more than one with their mouths open.

Aaron Piper, who was growing his hair longer than usual, has returned to pulling the razor and has shaved his head, with the news that now he has also opted to dye his hair pink.

It has been he himself who has shown this surprising change of look through the stories section of his Instagram account, while he was in what appears to be a recording studio.

True to his urban style, at the same time, Arón Piper wore an oversized white t-shirt that he has combined with camouflage pants and flip-flops, culminating his look with a fanny pack and his brand-new pink-dyed hair.

The truth is he and Jessica Goicoechea form a most attractive couple. Young, handsome and stylish, both have become a claim for brands that seek to advertise on social networks, although it is the model who most exploits their influencer facet.

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