It’s been several days since the beautiful American model and businesswoman, Kylie Jenner, announced the second round of her makeup launch for Kylie Cosmetics, this time collaborating with her own mother, Kris Jenner, but now a very funny promotional photo has come to us.

It is probably the most interesting and graceful that we have been able to see on her part to promote some of her products, we could even say that it could be one of the most different that we have seen in any company.

In the photo we can see how her breast appears dressed in a very elegant black outfit, dark glasses, impressive earrings and a ring while holding a copa and within it is her daughter, as if she were a very small person.

Literally the advertising caught everyone’s attention and fulfilled its function, publicizing this new release and of course also generating some laughter from Internet users who considered it an excellent way to publicize this new proposal.

The photo generated thousands of comments where Internet users considered her a genius for this type of promotion, as well as some of her colleagues from the artistic medium who came to recognize her excellent work.

There is no doubt that it was a success and will surely continue to attract the attention of thousands more people who gather and there are millions who have already reacted, some even shared the image so that other of their contacts could see it and of course store it also for its expected products.

Kylie Jenner / Instagram
Kylie Jenner shares one of the funniest edits as a promo.

Kylie Jenner already told us that this September 14 will be when we can buy her new proposal through her official website, an opportunity that everyone is waiting for and that will surely make them sell out in record time.

Undoubtedly, beauty runs in the family and elegance has also been developed together as they grew up in the entertainment world, taking advantage now to monetize and establish these great businesses, this time Kylie Cosmetics.

We also saw that on TikTok they revealed the new products that will soon reach all those who decide to buy them, a fresh proposal that will surely be a success.

In Celebrity News we will continue to share with you only the best about its news and curiosities, as well as we invite you not to take off so that you continue to find out about the best news of the show, entertainment and much more.

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