Wanda Nara landed in Buenos Aires in recent days but soon had to leave with the United States as her destination. The businesswoman had arrived in the country to start the recordings of “Who is the mask?” However, her time in Argentina did not last long since she quickly repacked her bags.

Wanda Nara makeup store in Miami

Wanda Nara makeup store in Miami

The chosen destination was Miami, on a trip that she had already planned for a long time and that she had scheduled with the production of the Telefé reality show to be absent for a couple of days from the scheduled filming. This led to a restructuring of the agenda, but it was already stipulated.

Wanda Nara did not travel for one of her usual pleasure trips but for business, and that is that the influencer managed to fulfill one of her great dreams and will open one of her cosmetics stores in the wonderful streets of Miami. The launch will be this Saturday, September 3, and during these days she dedicated herself to touring the offices, visiting the warehouse and finalizing details prior to the big event.

The model is the owner of Wanda Cosmetics, founded in April 2021 after a project that was developed during the pandemic and a company that began to take its first steps from virtuality. The sale was mainly online, then she managed to open a store in the Abasto shopping mall and thus she took on more and more volume.

Since she began planning this business in Paris, Wanda Nara’s great desire has always been to set it up in the United States. For this reason, and with everything already settled, she traveled in the last few hours to Miami with her sister Zaira Nara and a group of her friends. Everything was ready, she needed to take the final step to open this dream physical store.

“Those dreams that you say are so impossible that even dreaming you can’t believe them… It came after a lot of dreaming, a lot of work and a lot of love for this. The emotion is inexplicable. Here we are after so much and thanks to the success in my country And to you, we are in the United States, “the businesswoman wrote on her Instagram account.

Wanda Nara quickly settled into the Lennox Hotel in Miami Beach, a top-class complex with magnificent facilities. She will stay in the city of Florida for several days since she has a schedule with many work commitments, which include campaigns to promote and continue installing her brand.

For some time now, the businesswoman has made great strides with her company. Her project not only includes cosmetics but also swimwear. During the last hours, her partner Mauro Icardi and her children arrived on US soil to accompany her in this dream that she lives.

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