Mauro Icardi’s wife spoke with her followers and there she did not avoid any questions.

This weekend, Wanda Nara responded to pregnancy rumors. With many controversies around her, Mauro Icardi’s wife did not hesitate to confront the theories that support the arrival of one more child in her life.

“Could it be that you are pregnant?” They asked the media in her Instagram stories. There, immediately afterwards, Wanda Nara did not hesitate to speak about it.

Wanda Nara talked about the stories that she “invents” in her life

Wanda Nara landed in Istanbul with Mauro Icardi and his family. The businesswoman moved to Turkish territory to support her husband in his new adventure as a Galatasaray player for a year. In the midst of this important event for the life of the former PSG striker, the model is worried about the new school that her children will go to, in addition to what is being said about her and she does not respond.

The owner of Wanda Cosmetics used her social networks to answer questions from her fans, and early this morning she made several Instagram stories to unload her. “The other day many people connected live and obviously they seem to like me to talk to them and tell them things. Because sometimes some media, instead of informing, misinform. And by not clarifying it seems that you are hiding something and nothing to see ”she began by saying the media.

“Point number one, in all the years that I have lived abroad I have had a lot of job offers, and it is very difficult when you have many children. Now they are all of school age. But I never left them, not even when they were babies, they were always with me, “said the blonde, in relation to the statements made by certain journalists about the impossibility of sharing time with Valentino, Benedicto, Constantino, Francesca and Isabella, due to their royal obligations. And she added: “Today I have the possibility that my children can travel to where I am, or I can travel and see them. This proposal included a lot of days that allowed me to see my children. Luckily I never spent time without them. What’s more, I was always judged for being too close to my family, I always go with them everywhere.”

“On the other hand, there are a lot of things that I think I waste my time clarifying, but you guys are smarter than people who make up nonsense. It kills me when they say ‘why do you answer them?’ and ‘why do you give notes?’. It gives me lazy to go to the airport and that the journalists are there. I put myself in the place of the journalist who is there with the uncertainty if I change my flight or not. I’m too stupid and I put myself in the place of others. It makes me sad to be arrogant and not give a note to someone who came here. How disrespectful is the fact that no one puts himself in my place and thinks about the topics he is inventing about me, “added Wanda.

“I am like that, a person who does not do what I would not like to be done to me. I don’t interfere in anyone’s life. I don’t fuck around, I’m very direct. My mistake is perhaps being too honest. I’m not a bitch, I’m not a liar. For good and bad things, I always showed my face and spoke about what I thought. But from there to doing something that can screw someone’s life, a family, he’s kind of a bad person. I would not mess with a family with children or to hurt a mother. Luckily I have a good sixth sense to choose my friends and in my work I always surround myself with super divine people who understand me. I am going to continue working because another of my jobs 6 or 7 years ago was to follow Mauro’s contracts and changes. So I’m not going to do anything that I don’t do so badly. It’s not going so bad for me” closed the businesswoman.

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