The soccer player for Inter and the Argentine National Team surprised everyone by deactivating his profile, while the Mendoza woman published a story that raised conjecture.

Lautaro Martínez made the drastic decision to deactivate his Instagram account and aroused certain rumors of separation with Agustina Gandalfo, so the alarms went off in the Scaloneta.

Almost two months before the start of the World Cup, the Inter striker sparked controversy by deactivating a profile with more than 5 million followers. Several network users wanted to search for it, but absolutely nothing appears on the social network when trying to access the @lautaromartinez account.

On her part, a publication by his wife, Agustina Gandolfo, attracted attention, since the woman from Mendoza placed in her Instagram stories: “The love you give is eternal.”

This phrase, which may not have a specific meaning, raises suspicions when the original publication is accessed, since in that post the phrase is expanded and reads: “I hope you never regret the love you gave. Even when things didn’t turn out the way you expected, even when the story didn’t have the ending you wanted, or the course you wanted.”

This would confirm an early separation and raises concern on the part of the soccer player’s fans who are looking at Qatar and do not want one of his stars to be with his head in family matters. “What did you do to Lautaro”, “Tell Lautaro to reactivate the account please, you make me nervous”, “what happened to Lauti” and “what did you do to el Toro”, attacked several angry Internet users in Gandolfo’s last post .


Lautaro Martínez is at the center of the controversy of soccer fans and this Monday he closed his social networks. This activity aroused reactions from the fans who do not want to see the striker of the Argentine National Team badly and they took the situation by elaborating ingenious memes, where the majority claimed that the footballer was the victim of infidelity on the part of his wife.

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