• They filter audios in which Sylvia Pasquel explodes against her brother, Luis Enrique Guzmán and calls him avoracious and maintained

The situation of Doña Silvia Pinal’s children is more tense than ever. Well, it seems that the relationship between Sylvia Pasquel and Luis Enrique Guzmán is unsustainable, to the extent that the actress accuses her brother of being a “greedy” person who only wants her mother’s inheritance.

It was during the “First Hand” program that the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante presented an audio leak in which Sylvia Pasquel rants against her brother, assuring that she has even prevented him from visiting her mother when she has hospitalized state.

“I don’t like lawsuits and even less in my family, but my brother has changed a lot, the truth is that I see him very greedy, I see him very interested in all the shit of the inheritance and of which he wants to know how many properties there, where is the money, everything indicates that they want to keep everything”


In relation to her brother’s change of attitude, Sylvia Pasquel pointed out that many people say that Luis Enrique Guzmán began to change since his relationship with Mayela began, who they refer to as “very ambitious”, still limiting himself to saying that Mayela likes him. , despite the fact that he is not “saint of his devotion”.

The actress also expressed her annoyance about the way in which Luis Enrique Guzmán approaches the image of his mother, since, instead of honoring her, he has only been in charge of putting her in scandals orchestrated by the “misfortunes that according to him” he lives or that the first actress has lived.

On the other hand, Sylvia Pasquel pointed out that no one could talk quietly with her mother anymore, because the whole house where she and Luis Enrique live is full of cameras and microphones, as if they were trying to capture any scandal to advertise. with the.

Finally, Sylvia Pasquel assured that Silvia Pinal supports Luis Enrique Guzmán, who is the only one of her three children who does not work.

“My mother supports Luis Enrique, the apartment where he is living right now, my mother lent it to him to live there, but she furnished everything, all the furniture, refrigerator, stove, everything, my mother bought everything, and of course that he wants to be there to the quick”


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