The daughter of the Infanta Elena has multiplied her media exposure in recent weeks

In recent weeks, Victoria Federica de Marichalar has been breaking with the discretion that Casa Real requires of someone of her position and has more than multiplied her exposure before public opinion.

The daughter of the Infanta Elena opened her social networks to the general public, so anyone can gossip between her posts. In addition, she appeared at the famous party that the magazine ‘Elle’ organized in Seville and posed at the photocall with a successful velvet dress, as if she were a superstar.

Now, the young woman culminates her incipient media career with her leap to television.

We saw her months ago dancing to the rhythm of bachata with Omar Montes behind the scenes of the Starlite Catalana Occidente festival. The video went viral and was on everyone’s lips for days, but what many did not know was that, at the same time, images were being recorded for the documentary of the singer produced by Mediaset, ‘The little prince is Omar Montes’, which premieres today on Amazon Prime.

In its day it became known to the media that the project’s top command were negotiating with the daughter of the Infanta Elena to give them her consent to include the fragments about how her viral dance with Omar Montes and Jorge Bárcenas was conceived, and it seems that they have succeeded.

In the promotions and previews that have been broadcast on Omar Montes’s documentary, the images in which he dances with Victoria Federica along with others who have never seen the light before are appreciated.

The young royal laughs as the cameraman counts to three for everyone to start dancing, and then takes a closer look at how the video turned out.

It is the first time that the granddaughter of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía appears in a documentary and although her presence will be anecdotal, during those few minutes she will overshadow the protagonist himself, which defines her in ‘The Ana Rosa program’ as a “fan and friend.”

Years ago her brother Felipe Juan Froilán did the same and appeared in an interview for the program ‘Espejo Público’ in which he spoke about bullfighting and praised his friend Gonzalo Caballero, the bullfighter who years later maintained a relationship with his sister.

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