Verónica Forqué's daughter breaks her silence:

Verónica Forqué’s daughter breaks her silence: “Death does not exist”

Public opinion continues to be shocking as a result of the death of Verónica Forqué. The body of the actress was found dead at her home in Madrid and later the authorities ruled that she had taken her life, a decision probably made as a result of the deep depression she suffered.

Her friends, family, admirers and other loved ones were able to say goodbye to her at the Spanish Theater, where a burning chapel was erected before her mortal remains were transferred to the cemetery. There was her only daughter, María Forqué, and although at that time she avoided making statements, now the young woman has broken her silence.

In addition, she wanted to thank both the Spanish Theater for hosting the burning chapel of Verónica Forqué and all those who came to say goodbye to her and bring her flowers.

The best gift for my mother”, she has pointed out on her Instagram account. Now, young María Forqué faces a difficult time marked by the absence of her mother, but relying on her friends and other loved ones she will be able to move on.

Mental health

The suicide of Verónica Forqué has put on the table the debate on the need to take care of mental health and heed the warning signs sent by people who need help.

Furthermore, in recent days have pointed out negative comments that the actress received through social networks as a result of her participation in ‘MasterChef Celebrity 6’, emphasizing the need to put limits on this type of anonymous attacks that can reduce the mood of those who suffer them.

On the other hand, some former contestants of ‘MasterChef’ have accused the program to take its participants to the extreme, even demanding that they cry in front of the camera.

In this sense, it should be remembered that, only two programs before ending, Verónica Forqué left the contest because it was tired both physically and mentally.

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