Úrsula Vargues

Úrsula Vargues exploded against the porteños after knowing the results of the PASO: “A disgusting”

The former model attacked María Eugenia Vidal, after becoming the winner in the internship of Together for Change, a political space that monopolized 48.19% of the votes in CABA

After knowing the results of the legislative primary elections, Úrsula Vargues took to Twitter to show her anger at the election numbers. The former model and television host often posts controversial comments on social media against the opposition.

“In CABA put a yellow cone and vote” , tweeted Vargues referring to the color of Together for Change. Then, he criticized the PRO management in the City of Buenos Aires and considered: “14 years of cement and tree pruning.”

True to her style, the former model attacked María Eugenia Vidal, who obtained 68.35% of the votes in the Juntos por el Cambio intern, while the political space monopolized 48.19% of the votes of the City of Buenos Aires.

“ CABA voted for the proud Buenos Aires woman. More cement and fewer trees, ”Vargues wrote on his Twitter account, referring to the phrase said by the former governor of the province of Buenos Aires, after launching herself as a candidate in the Capital. “I will always be proudly from Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires and Argentina,”

At the same time, he published an image of the former Buenos Aires vice chief of government and, ironically, said: “He destroyed the province of Buenos Aires. Luck!”.

Imitating the phrase of Fito Páez, the host continued : “A disgust of Capital, endurance of Cambiemos. Luckily I live in the Province ”.

It is worth remembering that in 2011 the singer from Rosario had written “Half of Buenos Aires is grossed out” on the back cover of the newspaper Página / 12 to qualify the elections for head of government in which he won in the first round – by about 19 points – Mauricio Macri in front of the Kirchner candidate Daniel Filmus .

He also continued: “Nothing hurts me. I live in the province. But those broken asses (sic) can be seen ”. However, despite feeling “relieved” for not living in the country’s capital, in the province of Buenos Aires, Diego Santilli and Facundo Manes, who went to an intern in Juntos, got 37.99% of the Buenos Aires votes , while the candidate of the Casa Rosada, Victoria Tolosa Paz , reached 33.64%.

Finally, he completed his outbursts on the social network mentioning that since 2007 the PRO has governed the City of Buenos Aires, first, with two administrations from Mauricio Macri and then, with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta . “14 years in CABA. Straw and sleep, ”She tweeted.

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