Selena Quintanilla

This is what Selena Quintanilla said in her last television interview in 1995

Selena spoke of her beginnings and her career on March 18, 1995, 13 days before her death, on the program ‘Puro Tejano’.

Thirteen days before she was murdered, Selena answered questions from various entertainment shows while visiting San Antonio, Texas, where she made various appearances.

Between them, he spoke in Spanglish with the reporter of the show Puro Tejano, on March 18, 1995 , when he arrived at the Alamodome stadium to participate in an educational event, aimed at school students.

The singer said she was there to deliver a message to the children. ” Education is very important today, it is almost impossible to get a job without a high school diploma .”

The San Antonio Spurs team was also invited to the event, and Selena joked that she, too, was going to go out on the court to play basketball. Later, already in the dressing room, he explained that the suit he was wearing was a ‘Selena design’ .

It was not the first time that Selena participated in the program. In 1994, during an interview with them, he explained what was the correct pronunciation of his name, Selina, as it is done in the Netflix autobiographical series , despite the fact that many in Latin American countries pronounce it exactly as it is written.

On March 4, 1995 , the queen of Tex-Mex also appeared at Noche de Carnaval (Miami) and gave an interview where she talked about the possibility of one day becoming a movie star . Something that all his fans would have loved, the journalist replied .

On March 31 of that same year, the Grammy-winning singer was assassinated by Yolanda Saldívar. 

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