Who is Tonino Mebarak? Shakira’s brother who accompanied her during her breakup with Gerard Piqué.

The brother has been one of the family members who has been closer to Shakira, after the breakup was known.

In September 2022, the Colombian artist Shakira, made it known that she was going through the “darkest” stage of her life. The main reason was due to the separation with the Spanish ex-footballer Gerard Piqué and the health condition of her father, William Mebarak.

“Sometimes I feel like this is all a bad dream and that I’m going to wake up at some point. But no, it’s real. As I said, it’s probably the darkest stage of my life”, said the interpreter to the Spanish magazine ‘Elle’.

According to the Colombian singer, she took refuge in music to heal, reason why she made the decision to write songs “is like going to the psychiatrist”, because it helped her to process her emotions and admitted that her last releases showed how she was living her love breakup.

The announcement of the separation with the ex-footballer of Barcelona, was given in strong rumors of an alleged infidelity by the former player, version that has not been confirmed or denied by the celebrities. However, Shakira’s songs hint that the relationship did not end on good terms.

Tonino Mebarak, Shakira's Brother

Tonino Mebarak, Shakira’s Brother

Tonino Mebarak’s Concerns and Warning about Piqué’s Alleged Infidelity

Rumors of an alleged infidelity increased when a few months later Piqué was seen in public with Clara Chia, 23, the person who is said to be the main responsible for the breakup.

During the months of the breakup, new information began to come out, both true and false. Nevertheless, Shakira was seen with friends, colleagues and family.

In that sense, among the relatives who were closest to her was her brother Tonino Mebarak, who would have been the first to suspect Pique’s alleged infidelity.

According to the portal ‘Mujer hoy’, Tonino was the one who alerted the Colombian about the frequent nights out and “daytime disappearances” of the former player.

“He set the snowball rolling that ended in separation, divorce and global viral phenomenon thanks to the 53rd session of Bizarrap, when he warned in one of his visits to Barcelona that the former footballer was not spending enough time at home with Shakira, Milan and Sasha,” said the mentioned portal.

Tonino Mebarak: From Brother to Manager, Supporting Shakira Through the Crisis

It is worth mentioning that Tonino Mebarak is one of Shakira’s eight half-siblings. He has been the closest to the singer, becoming her manager. Tonino moved to Barcelona to help Shakira in the middle of the crisis, according to the aforementioned website.

In the last hours, the journalist Lorena Vázquez, member of Las Mamarazzis, of the program Y ahora Sonsoles revealed that Gerard Piqué would travel to the city of Miami, in the United States, to visit his children Milan and Sasha in this vacation season.

However, she pointed out that for now she does not know what plans Piqué would have with his children because he always saw them in the city of Barcelona, where he could alternate his work commitments with his role as a father.

“This time the one in charge will be Piqué to travel to Miami and bring his children, I believe, to Spain. As he has already finished his professional commitments with the Kings League, maybe he will take the opportunity to make a long trip and enjoy those long-awaited vacations with his children, because so far we have only seen him in Barcelona,” she said.

Piqué’s Decision: Keeping Milan and Sasha Away from Clara Chía for Now

On the other hand, Lorena Vázquez affirmed that Piqué would also have made an important decision regarding Clara Chía, as she said that a source close to the Catalan had confirmed that the ex-footballer had determined to keep Milan and Sasha away from his girlfriend, in order not to overwhelm them for this time he spends together with them.

“No, I don’t think that’s going to happen this year. From what his closest friends tell me, he wants to separate Clara Chia from his children for the time being. It is true that they know her, but nothing more,” he added.

For now, the Catalan will keep his children away from Clara Chia, as had already been commented on several occasions, after it was known that this would have been one of the agreements reached with Shakira, as it would not yet be the time for the children to meet their father’s girlfriend.

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