Galilea Montijo posed for Playboy at 49 years old

The reactions from Internet users did not take long to arrive.

Galilea Montijo surprised her followers on the morning of January 31 when she shared that she posed for Playboy at 49 years old.

Galilea Montijo's Playboy Debut at 49

Galilea Montijo’s Playboy Debut at 49

It was through her Instagram account where the famous presenter of Hoy shared the cover of the magazine -which corresponds to the February 2023 issue-, where she collaborated with rapper French Montana.

In the series of images, the Televisa star can be seen posing smiling with the singer, while both are sitting on a white couch.

Galilea is wearing a black one-piece with rib-baring and a prominent cleavage, while Montana is wearing a brown shirt, a jacket and dark pants. In addition, the set of the two artists is decorated with some dollars.

The second photograph of the post left a little more to the imagination, as French Montana can be seen lying on a bed, while a woman’s legs -which could be Montijo’s- are spread in front of him.

Quickly, some of Galilea’s acquaintances did not hesitate to react and were excited about the upcoming photos of the celebrity in the acclaimed publication.

“Yeih,” wrote Raúl Araiza; while Tania Rincón added: “Ole.” Likewise, Paul Stanley and Andrea Escalona commented on some fire emojis.

In the same way, some of Montijo’s fans showered her with affection and admiration: “La estás rompiendo muy cabrón, te amo”. “Total diva.” “My God. “With everything my queen,” read.

Although Galilea posed extremely confident in the images for Playboy, on other occasions the artist has said that her self-esteem has not always been at its highest point, due to a “toxic” relationship that took away her self-confidence for a long period of time.

It was during a broadcast of Netas Divinas, where the host of Hoy confessed that during the time she stayed in that romance she felt she was an unattractive person.

“There was one that was very hard for me to get out of, and look at her shirts… You know, it was very hard for me. I’m going to tell you very quickly: it was the relationship where I had the hardest time leaving and where I felt the ugliest in life physically, they made me feel very ugly,” she said.

Galilea assured that her acquaintances were worried when they saw her, because suddenly she began to lose weight drastically.

“There came a point… I now weigh 69 kilos, I’ve always had my hips, and in that relationship I weighed 41 kilos, I sucked. A friend came and told me ‘Are you taking drugs?’ and no, I’ve never been into that”.

The celebrity told that it was a complicated moment in her life, since she did not know how to end once and for all with that situation.

“But it was the anguish, the insecurity, I was stepped on, it shattered my self-esteem completely and I felt awful, and I didn’t know how to get out of that relationship. I was very afraid to get out of that relationship because I was in love.

Galilea said that after several occasions that made her more and more uncomfortable, she decided to put an end to it and was finally able to turn the page.

“That kind of little details that you know you have to get out, but there is something that stops you. Today I thank God that I got out and took that blindfold off my eyes. It was very ugly,” she said.

Despite everything that has happened to her in the past, now with this new cover, Galilea was renewed, happy and more confident than ever.

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