British parliamentarians want Polina Kovaleva 26, is included in the list of Russians sanctioned by the government as a result of the invasion of Ukraine ordered by Putin. Kovaleva is the daughter of the couple Serguei Lavrov Russian Foreign Minister and Putin’s right-hand man in the conflict between the two nations.

Lavrov has been married since 1971 to Maria Lavrova, with whom he has a daughter, Ekaterina, and two grandchildren, but since 2000 he has had an extramarital affair with actress Svetlana Polyakova, whose daughter is Polina.

As published by Maria Pevchikh, head of investigations at the Alexei Navalni Anti-Corruption Foundation, on her personal Twitter account, five years ago, the young woman paid 4.4 million pounds sterling (5.23 million euros) in cash for an apartment located in the London neighborhood of Kensington.

Kovaleva promotes the master Economics & Strategy for Business taught at the Imperial College Business School and worked in the mergers and acquisitions division of Gazprom, the largest Russian company that is one of the main gas suppliers in Europe.

The team of the opposition Alexei Navalny, according to ABC, published a report in 2021 from which it emerged that Svetlana Polyakova accompanied the minister on more than 60 “diplomatic missions” around the world. According to the investigation, the woman has properties in Russia and the United Kingdom valued at more than 12.3 billion euros.

For his part, Pevchikh has explained on social networks that Polyakova bought an apartment in Moscow with an approximate value of 7.3 million euros and owns several high-end cars. “Not bad for an unemployed woman,” she points out.

“Polina and her mother must be punished. Polina has to pack her Louis Vuitton bags, say goodbye to her British life and leave the UK. If you are unable to explain where you got the £4.4 million (€5.23 million) from, your property must be confiscated under the Unexplained Wealth Order procedure,” he shares on Twitter.

These words were supported by the Labor MP Chris Bryant, in favor of all family members who are part of the hard core of the Kremlin being sanctioned by London.

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