Matteo Arpe’s App opens to purchase bitcoin & co, Tinaba enters into crypto partnership with CheckSig

Matteo Arpe’s App opens to purchase bitcoin & co, Tinaba enters into crypto partnership with CheckSig

Tinaba, the new bank led by Matteo Arpe, has signed a partnership with CheckSig, the Italian leader in Bitcoin and crypto solutions. The agreement will allow Tinaba customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from the App. Starting from the beginning of April, within the Tinaba App there will be a new section where customers will be able to buy and sell six cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. CheckSig will carry out the trade and keep the cryptocurrencies.

The Tinaba customer will choose the crypto, the amount in euros to buy (minimum amount 25 €) and, in real-time, will see the estimated purchase quantity and the commission applied. It will also be possible to activate the function for periodic recurring purchases. The trading service will be enriched with videos, articles and news from the markets. “An information and training offer for those who want to know and deepen the world of cryptocurrencies, to stay up to date and invest with the utmost awareness”, remarks a note from Tinaba.

“Cryptocurrencies are increasingly characterized as a new asset and are attracting the growing attention of financial institutions and small savers. Tinaba has always been careful to provide its customers with the best technological innovations, such as collaborative money and the robo-advisor; for this reason it was natural to embrace the change taking place and to offer – with a serious and reliable partner like CheckSig – a safe, simple and transparent service, capable of satisfying investment and knowledge needs “, comments Matteo Arpe, CEO of Tinaba.

Ferdinando Ametrano , CEO of CheckSig adds: “At the frontier of the crypto world, simple and reliable solutions are finally making their way, promoted by an attentive and innovative player like Tinaba. Savers and investors benefit from this, no longer at the mercy of a dangerous digital far-west”.

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