Her cinematographic nudes made Ágata Lys a true “sex symbol” of the Transition, a muse of uncovering. But one fine day she disappeared and we never heard from her again.

The actress, who lived alone in the Malaga town of Benalmádena, passed away on November 12, two weeks before her 68th birthday. Vallisoletana by birth, Madrid by adoption, in love with the Costa del Sol, she led a very quiet life in a spacious apartment facing the sea, in the same building where Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith had their first love nest.

She met Ágata more than forty years ago, when she was living with her partner, an architect named Fernando, much younger than her and who, according to a source close to the artist, “died almost four years ago. Agatha was devastated, because Fernando was her great love, their union was passionate and deep, and that goodbye was a tremendous blow to her. Since then little went out.

One of her best friends, Tony Aliaga, reveals to LA RAZÓN that “it was a contact from the Benalmádena City Council who confirmed the death of Ágata, which is reflected in the Civil Registry of that town.” Tony began to suspect that some misfortune had happened when «I hadn’t picked up the phone for weeks. We talked a lot and that silence left me very worried. Because she never left me a call unanswered. And yesterday they sent me a screenshot from Wikipedia showing the date of her death. What they have not been able to tell me are the causes of her death.

It was Agata herself who told Aliaga that “Fernando has departed for heaven.” And Tony remembers that «she fell apart, she had a terrible time. But she wanted to keep it a secret. I was withdrawn from everything and wanted to live in peace. She had known how to invest very well, in real estate, all the money she earned in the cinema during the Transition, she set up a hotel with her partner in Malaga, but I think she sold it when Fernando died. I was very well positioned economically, I did not want to continue working as an actress, and settled in Puerta Marina, in Benalmadena, a wonderful urbanization.

The actress had a good heritage that her sister will inherit, in addition to real estate, all her artistic clothing and other assets. The muse of the Transition left the uncover cinema in 1978, and we saw her later in movies like “The Holy Innocents,” “Taxi,” “Family,” or “Bad Grape.”

In the memory of that stage of nudes there are films in the style of “Sex or no sex” “Last tango in Madrid”, “Streeptease in English”, “Eroticism and computer science” or “The game of adultery”. The last time I spoke with her, she confessed that, although she did not regret having made these types of films, she was more proud of those shot with Carlos Saura, Mario Camus or Fernando León de Aranoa.

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