Cristina Pedroche is this Thursday’s guest at ‘El Hormiguero’. The television company visits Pablo Motos’ set to give some small touches of how her dress will be in the Campanadas de Antena 3.

And it is that Pedroche always manages to capture all eyes on New Year’s Eve since every year it surprises with the most risky looks that divide the users of social networks between those who criticize their outfits and those who adore them.

The one from Vallecas has surprised by appearing on set with a new look. Half a mane leaving behind her characteristic very long hair and dressed in a dress designed by Josie simulating a naked female body. Of course, Cristina Pedroche makes it clear that it is a wig to hide what has been done to the hair for December 31st.

“This year things are going to happen around that is not just the dress and what may or may not cover me. Things are going to happen. Something may happen to the head. Going out bald is one of the options”, she advances.

Regarding the dress, the usual collaborator of ‘Zapeando’ anticipates that “it is not a dress as such, there is no fabric as such.” “There is no problem because of the size. It is made to measure, which can be wider or narrower, but it could gain up to 10kg with roscones”, she says.

The television tells that she begins to plan his look for the Chimes from the beginning of the year. “If I don’t have it thinking about summer, it overwhelms me. Before I go on vacation I need to have something to be calm,” she says.

“We had a crisis cabinet with Josie because all the ideas she gave her she said to me ‘poto’,” he adds. After that crisis cabinet, both of them agreed to come up with the final idea:

“Tears came to my eyes when he showed it to me. You don’t know which one we ride. Dabiz Muñoz freaked out.”

The situation of ‘DiverXo’

Pablo Motos has taken advantage of Cristina Pedroche’s visit to ask about the current economic situation of ‘DiverXo’ as a result of the crisis derived from the pandemic. The television shows that these are not easy times for the hospitality industry due to the different restrictions that are taken to contain the spread of the virus.

“The losses from ‘DiverXo’ mean money to buy a house,” she explains. “We have the best workers, the best chef in the world, Marta Campillo who has just been awarded the national gastronomy award. You have to pay them. The company has to be viable by itself and is having many losses”, she adds.

The Madrilenian says that the restaurant is losing a huge amount of money: “Today, ‘DiverXo’ loses a lot of money”. Regarding the price increase of the menu from € 250 to € 360, she says that this increase will serve to continue providing the same service and maintain quality.

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