This is how the Fernándezes spent Christmas without Vicente

This is how the Fernándezes spent Christmas without Vicente

The loss of Vicente Fernández shocked all his followers, different personalities of the show but especially his family and in these times of celebrations they made visible how they lived Christmas.

Various members of the singer’s family expressed their feelings and did so through their respective Instagram accounts , making it known that despite the difficulties and the hard process they are going through, they have to move forward. Vicente Fernándes Jr , his son Ramón , his wife and the rest of the family wished their fans a Merry Christmas and posed in the company of Doña Cuquita , Don Vicente’s widow, in the place where the singer rests.

Alejandro Fernández shared a tender postcard, in which she is seen with a downcast face, she was riding with his little granddaughter Cayetana and said that in the face of any adversity, the important thing is to get ahead: “Magic, it’s the people who Get out of the chaos, Merry Christmas ”, published El Potrillo .

In the images you can see Alejandro wearing a dark green sports outfit, Cayetana caused a sensation with a white suit. One detail that drew attention was that behind them were some flower crowns that remain in the place after almost two weeks since Vicente Fenrández sadly lost his life at 81 years of age.

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