Ana Bárbara showed the details of her dinner on December 24; Accompanied by Emilio and Paula, minor children of Mariana Levy, the “Queen Grupera” wished her followers happy holidays

Ana Bárbara again surprised on social networks by sharing photos of her Christmas dinner in the company of her children, her fiancé, but also with the minor children of Mariana Levy , Emilio and Paula .

As Ana Bárbara usually does, she published every moment of her Christmas this year; Through her stories on Instagram, she shared from how it was the preparation of the traditional turkey that he would dine with his family, to how she arranged his table to enjoy Christmas Eve.

The presence of Emilio Fernández Levy , one of the children of the late actress Mariana Levy, was surprised . The whole family of the singer applauded when the young man uncovered the already ready turkey and made jokes about how complicated the preparation of the dish was.

The interpreter of Lo searched also celebrated this December 24 in the company of the psychologist Silvia Olmedo , who was also publishing how Ana Bárbara’s family and the Levys celebrate the holidays.


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