The Christmas holidays are approaching and all the families in the world are beginning to prepare their meetings to enjoy these important dates together, still with some caution due to the coronavirus pandemic and the omicron variant that has the scientific community on edge.

In the case of the Ortega Cano it is no different, and this famous clan is already crossing out the days on its calendar until the arrival of Christmas Eve.

However, once again a marked absence will be noticed at the table, that of José Fernando, who is still admitted to the psychiatry wing from the San Juan de Dios Center in Ciempozuelos to treat his addiction problems.

“Although we have not yet started to organize Christmas to the full, every year special meals are made for Christmas Eve and Christmas, with Christmas carols and parties,” a worker from the center explains to this newspaper.

Although the rest of the years usually join the different units to celebrate Easter, it is most likely that, once again, due to the pandemic, the wings will be kept separate, so José Fernando will be alone with his fellow psychiatrists.

In addition, the same source points out that “since it is a religious center, special Masses are also celebrated”, but stresses that “they are not compulsory, whoever wants to go there”.

Considering the fervent religious sentiment of his family, it would not be strange to see José Fernando at one of these ceremonies. The worker at the San Juan de Dios clinic also adds that “each unit organizes and prepares a nativity scene and a jury goes through all of them to vote for the best, although this year I don’t know what will happen, I don’t think it will be possible to go from unit to unit”.

In the case of José Fernando, which is located in the mental health wing, “the inmates, with their therapists, always make a nativity scene, even if later they are not seen from the outside, and They also do Christmas, crafts, decorate the unit, many activities to keep them entertained”.

In short, the worker insists that in the mental health wing “therapists greatly encourage creativity so that patients are entertained and not think about what they should not”, referring with the latter to addiction problems suffered by some inmates.

Regarding visits, José Fernando will be able to receive his family and other loved ones normally, always following the security measures imposed in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although other years have been organized “parties with families, this Christmas, like the previous ones, I don’t think it will be done for the covid”, says the worker of the San Juan de Dios Center.

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