“I was involved in things related to the theater, the tour and my family and some fans sent me that part, but since you didn’t see any character that I knew, that is, I thought it was a series (another), really, When I see it, ‘Aracely is not talked about’, oh what a laugh, and I send it to Guillermo (Pous, her lawyer) and she says, ‘Yes, it’s from the series’, and I:’ How? No, I don’t understand,’” she said.

“It was when I fell on the 20th,” she added. The interviewer asked her if this situation had bothered her, and she explained that it was the opposite. “It gave me a lot of laugh, I loved it and I thank you, how good that Big Cat did that,” she said, referring to the production company that participated in the making of the series.

“Thank you because it was what I wanted, and it made me laugh a lot,” she added, although she preferred to reveal whether or not she liked the series as such. “I have no comment on that. I like to be very positive but I do not want to comment on that,” she said.

During the interview, Aracely Arámbula was also questioned about rumors that there is a contract that prevents her from talking about Luis Miguel, something that she flatly denied.

“I have no contract for anything, absolutely nothing, what’s more, I invite you to show that contract, please, because I want to see it, I don’t know where the contract where I signed is,” said Aracely. “It does not exist, it is a myth, it is nonsense, there is no contract with me, I am a free person to speak whatever I want,” she added.

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