“I can’t move,” the daughter of Kiko Matamoros lamented

A few weeks after giving birth, Laura Matamoros has suffered a mishap that prevents her from walking. “I can not move”, said the daughter of Kiko Matamoros.

Although she has preferred to take it with humor, the truth is that the instagramer has been quite annoyed through her official profile of this network, where she has explained everything that happened.

The last trimester of pregnancy is not proving easy for the winner of “GH VIP”. Swelling, heartburn, physical fatigue. To this is now added the mishap suffered and that has left a delicate aftermath.

“Things that only happen to me”, has begun by expressing the daughter of the collaborator of “Save me” through her Instagram stories. The event occurred at a gas station.

“It is not normal what happened to me this morning pouring gasoline in the car,” acknowledged the young woman, who has not stopped lamenting her bad leg.

And, when everything seemed to proceed normally, Laura Matamoros hit her head with the top of the door. After the blow, the influencer has suffered a strong strain on her lower back.

“Then it gave me a tug on my lower back that I swear to you that now I can’t walk, I’m like an invalid”, has related while showing in one of her videos how she walks slowly.

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