Aislinn Derbez ruled on the rumors that indicate that she will definitely leave Mexico due to citizen insecurity, just as her father did in 2019, when she decided to move to the United States after selling a luxurious house for 40 million pesos.

The actress was at the inauguration of an establishment south of Mexico City and was asked about the possibility of leaving Aztec lands due to the high crime rate.

“I’m here all the time, the truth is that I come, I go. I am working a lot in Mexico, the truth is that no.” Said the television star, ending the speculation.

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Eugenio Derbez will not return to Mexico

In 2016, the actor suffered a millionaire robbery in his home located south of Mexico City when he was residing in the United States. This terrible episode would have caused him to sell said property and decide not to return to live in his native country.

The Mexican comedian and producer has also lamented the high crime rate that plagues his country. After the death of the well-remembered actor Octavio Ocaña, who played Benito in the series “Neighbors”, Derbez considered that now not only should we distrust criminals, but also the authorities.

“How sad that in Mexico you can no longer live. Every time I think about going back, I really think about this kind of thing and that’s why I don’t go back, because it’s no longer a life to be taking care not only of criminals, but now also of the police and it has been many years like that, in which you can’t trust, it’s a sadness.” Derbez lamented.

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