Pay homage

As reported yesterday, the family of the lead actress and producer Juan Osorio organized a tribute for the iconic Carmen Salinas in the Monument to the Mother, since according to what they said, many Mexicans who knew her and received her help and those who did not, but who felt her very close, saw her as a protector.

The mortal remains of Carmen Salinas left a funeral home on Félix Cuevas Street to travel a route that included Gabriel Mancera Avenue, the Central Axis and Paseo de la Reforma to reach Sullivan Street, where the monument to the honor of all is located.

The hearse was escorted by elements of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection, as well as by some thirty acrobatic motorcyclists. With the song My way playing in the background. The coffin, protected by a human chain from her family and friends, walked a red carpet.

Around 11:33 in the morning the music began to say goodbye to the first actress, an icon of the country’s pop culture. Several honor guards were mounted, the most heartfelt that of her daughter Maria Eugenia Plascencia, her son-in-law Jose Manuel Monge and her nephew Gustavo Briones.

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