Zemmour and his advisor, the idyll that scandalizes in France

Zemmour and his advisor, the idyll that scandalizes in France

The emergence of the far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour in French political life he has revolutionized the race for the Elysee in 2022, but he has also put the magnifying glass on the private life of one of the most controversial figures in France in recent times.

Ultra-conservative, convicted of racial hatred, and married with three children, Zemmour has been the catalyst for the French political autumn and not only for his outbursts against migrants and feminists but also for the scandal uncovered by “Paris Match”, which showed the 63-year-old politician a few weeks ago with his personal political advisor, Sarah Knafo, 35 years younger.

Both appear on the cover of the weekly caught with affectionate gestures in the sea. The ambiguous photographs do not confirm a romantic idyll but they have led all of France to ask the same question in recent weeks.

Is it normal for a politician and his counselor to appear in their underwear on a lonely beach? In the photo on the cover of “Paris Match,” the polemicist’s head, rather short and thin, sticks out of the water, while the head of his adviser is slightly submerged.

The magazine “Voici” went a step further after the publication of the images, speaking clearly of “idyll”, while “Paris Match” itself presented Sarah Knafo as “The Woman Whispering in EZ’s (Eric Zemmour) Ear.”

The truth is that Zemmour has been married for several decades to Mylène Chichportich (64 years old), a very discreet lawyer and mother of her three children.

The morbidity of Zemmour’s relationship with his counselor implies the degree of knowledge his wife had of her escapades with her intimate counselor.How did a conservative wife react to the more or less intimate photos of her husband and his counselor on a lonely beach?

In an ordinary political situation, the family and sentimental relationships of an ultra-conservative debater would have a very modest interest and even more so in a country like France. On that occasion, things change. Some media have speculated with a possible divorce that Zemmour would have asked his wife and that she would have turned a deaf ear.

Things get even more complicated when last weekend, at his first big campaign rally, Zemmour appeared accompanied by his family while the magazine “Closer” pointed to a possible pregnancy of Sarah Knafo. An ordeal situation on which a nebula weighs since no one has just deciphered, beyond hundreds of speculations, Knafo’s private fit in Zemmour’s private life.

The irruption of Eric Zemmour in the French political landscape, less than five months before the first round of the next presidential elections, confers a certain public interest in the intimate relations of the possible candidate for president with his political adviser.

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