Elsa Anka has achieved one of the most complicated things when being a character. The actress and presenter has managed to combine her private life with her public one.

She became known for “Stardust”, “The Game of the Goose” and sharing a set with Emilio Aragón in “Night, night.” She lives in Barcelona and has been collaborating with the foundation of Dr. Iván Mañero for several years.

When she was able to travel, she did so to Guinea Bissau, one of the poorest countries in Africa where the Catalan doctor has set up hospitals and schools.

In the affective section, she has not had great exclusives with boyfriends or complicated couples. After two marriages, she plans to marry a third time. She will do it in Andorra where Victor Prat-Heimler lives.

She met the lawyer and financier at a wedding and the decision to share a life project is now a reality. Anka shared her confidences in the presentation as the image of the Catalan furniture and space creation firm Mimma Gallery.

She has been collaborating with the foundation of Dr. Iván Mañero for ten years

Every year the Guinea Bissau pediatric hospital cares for more than 50,000 patients, an orphanage with 100 children, a nursery school and another to teach crafts and many more projects. It is something exciting to see how with small initiatives big projects have been achieved. When the pandemic ended, I traveled and was able to hug the girl I sponsored. That was beautiful.

This image of her solidarity is little known

I’m not going to scream it around. What I do is make it known and help as much as I can. They are education and health projects and support for women to help their families move forward.

She also participates in the presentations made by Dr. Mañero. She is one of the few women known to acknowledge her operations.

And why am I not going to say it? I operated on my chest and nose. Nothing else about the rest, but if one day I want to do a “facelift”, I will. I think you have to be good with yourself.

Does surgery sometimes hide self-esteem problems?

Can be. The important thing is to find the balance. What you can’t do is want to be Angelina Jolie and get depressed for not being one. And it seems just as good to me who accepts himself as he is.

She looks happy. Her daughter Lidia succeeds in “First Date” and her son, who does not want visibility, is a very good student.

Children must be given tools so that they can function in life. They are both great, good, and generous people. What am I going to say that I am his mother! We went through confinement together and the three of us met again.

And what do your children say about you remarrying for the third time?

They are delighted. They like Victor because they see that he takes care of me and that he loves me very much. We still do not have a closed date. We would like, in spring. He is very detailed and will organize everything.

Is it true that you met at a wedding of mutual friends?

Yes, the saying “from a wedding comes another wedding” is true, and in this case it has been. We have been there for two years and each one has had to couple their lives to the other’s. We have children who, although they are older, must be reckoned with. What is not true is that he got on his knees to ask me to marry him.

We were alone in the restaurant because I had booked it and I thought it was because of Covid that there were no people. And I thought, poor people, they don’t have any clients, just us. Then I found out with dessert.

It can be said that he is in a very good emotional and professional stage of her life

On a personal level, I would define it as a serene moment. Something I’ve always wanted. I am a person who does not seek movement because I am calm by nature, and even boring. And on the other hand, in the professional field, I do like movement. We have emerged from a terrible pandemic and like most professionals, trying to overcome.

Has your public exposure ever hurt you?

Nor have I looked for it. It is difficult for me to see headlines related to my private life, I prefer them to be professional.

Lives in Barcelona. The independence movement does not make it easy. The images from last year were terrible.

They don’t make it easy. In Catalonia, you live in a different way when you are there or abroad. I am not pro-independence. I love my land, my people, my customs. I think we can live together without imposing.

In Catalonia, King Felipe, the representatives of Catalan institutions do not greet her or make her ugly.

It seems tremendously rude to me. I think there is a regrettable staging.

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