They ask for the imminent dismissal of Paz Padilla for her controversial words about sexual abuse

They ask for the imminent dismissal of Paz Padilla for her controversial words about sexual abuse

‘Save me’ has dealt with the very harsh confession of Sofía Cristo last night in ‘Secret Story’

Last night Sofía Cristo, the daughter of Bárbara Rey and the deceased lion tamer, faced the life line in the program ‘Secret story’ and revealed a very hard event from her childhood: suffered sexual abuse when she was five years old by a very close person.

A terrible statement that left viewers frozen and that this afternoon in ‘Save me’ they wanted to revive together with Doctor Sánchez Martos, a regular on Telecinco.

At one point in the debate, the presenter Paz Padilla pronounced some words that have set fire to social networks and have made the viewers of ‘Save me’ ask for her imminent dismissal from the chain:

“We are talking with the doctor about whether it is necessary to report this type of thing, if the victim, after so many years, wants to remove.”

While the doctor assured that “you must always report it,” Padilla once again insisted on her position:

But what if that person is a grandfather, an uncle, a brother? How do you deconstruct that family? They can blame you because surely a part of the family will tell them how do you do that to your grandfather, to your father? My mother always told ‘look at it,’ the mother consented to it, she knew it.

“But how is it that my grandfather did that, my father allowed it? What is clear according to all the studies by psychologists is that the person who has suffered sexual abuse, whatever it may be, marks them for life,” answered Sánchez Martos.

But the criticisms from Twitter users have not been long in coming and have turned the presenter into Trending Topic in a matter of minutes.

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