Mike Jambs

The word “Messi” is tattooed on his forehead and now he is sorry

“Meeting the challenge, I love you Leo Messi”, said the Colombian influencer Mike Jambs after tattooing the name of the Argentine star on his forehead after winning the World Cup in Qatar. But his pride has not lasted long, and now he is sorry…

And so he has confessed it on his social networks. He no longer wants to have the name of Argentina’s number 10 on his face, and now he desperately seeks to go back.” , having done that.”

Apparently, the influencer says that he has been teased and rejected both on social networks and in his daily life. According to Jambs, he has also received threats because of his forehead tattoo and never expected people to react so negatively to his decision. I have been mocked, rejected, I have been judged and I have even received threats. All because of a video that I recorded and uploaded to my social networks, in which it is reflected and seen that he fulfilled a challenge that he had promised with my friends.

Finally, Mike Jambs is convinced that he must cover or remove Messi’s tattoo from his face. And for this, he asked his followers for help to help him find a specialized center where they erase tattoos. “Many people told me: ‘You’re going to regret the tattoo you got and you’re going to want to remove it.’ I was happy the first few days, but I have to agree with everyone today.”

Apparently, Jambs has already been able to remove the tattoo from his forehead, and the most experts say that he was not always in the same position, so he would be imposted. Judge for yourself…

Ashley Johnson
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