Ricardo Fort became famous in 2009 when he broke into the media with his striking look: muscles, tattoos, tight clothing and chains and watches. Long before that and with a completely different appearance the chocolatier had tried to dedicate himself to music in Miami.

In the last hours Felipe shared a photo in his stories of his unpublished father from those years in which he looks very different from how he was known many years later in Argentina.

In the black and white image, he is seen posing with a style very from the late ’80s, early’ 90s: with a jopo, looking towards the horizon and a white T-shirt with folded sleeves.

Felipe shared a retro photo of Ricardo Fort

Felipe shared a retro photo of Ricardo Fort

In the postcard from what can be seen of his arms, he still did not have any tattoos and had much less muscle than in his maturity. For those years Fort dreamed of being famous even though he would have a long way to go.

The idea of ​​becoming a father also seemed distant, although it was already in his head after becoming close friends with Guillermo Peyrano who already had a son.

It was many years later In 2004, thanks to a surrogacy in Los Angeles, he became the father of Martita and Felipe, a project that he faced only in terms of love, although his father lent him the money to be able to do it and once the twins were born, he had the help in the United States of his friend the coach Claudio Borges and his ex-sister-in-law Karina Antonialli.

On November 5, the day the man who died in 2013 would have turned 53, his daughter Martita also shared a retro photo. It was an image of the businessman and artist with her newborn in his arms.

Ricardo Fort with Martita in his arms

Ricardo Fort with Martita in his arms

“Happy birthday to the best dad that has been able to touch me from all over the country. Every time I can see your videos I am laughing thinking that you are sorely lacking here. A vibrant soul like you. It also makes me happy to know that your dream has finally come true. Let a documentary be made of your life once you are no longer here. I will never forget you, whenever I have a difficult situation I think about your image and how you made us feel and I calm down”, wrote the young woman.

About the birth of his children in February 2004 he himself once told: “They called me to tell me that the surrogate had broken her bag, that same Sunday I flew just because Gustavo could not go and I witnessed the delivery, it was a cesarean section, I cut the cord.”

Although Carlos, his father, did not entirely agree with the idea of ​​becoming a grandfather that way, he helped him. Ricky himself recalled in a talk with People:

“We were in Germany to go together to a chocolate exhibition in Cologne. I showed him the explanatory folder that they had given me at the clinic. He stay quiet. I repeated the whole story and the second time he said yes. And he gave me the money. My old man gave me the most important thing I have in life: my children”.

It was during another trip that he got closer to his boys. He had landed in Miami after spending a few days in New York with Peyrano when he was called from Los Angeles.

He immediately flew to California with his friend who accompanied him to the clinic, together they did the paperwork, chose the donor and less than a year later, the happiest moment of his life: the arrival of Martita and Felipe, whom he baptized like that. in honor of his mother and grandfather, the founder of the chocolate factory.

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