Maxi Iglesias confirms his relationship with actress Stephanie Cayo:

Maxi Iglesias confirms his relationship with actress Stephanie Cayo: “Much more than a friend”

After several months of rumors, the actor finally makes his romance with the Peruvian official

After several months of rumors, Maxi Iglesias confessed at the Starlite Festival that he was in love again. The lucky one to occupy the heart of the actor of ‘Valeria’ is Peruvian actress Stephanie Cayo, whom he met during the filming of the movie ‘Backpackers’.

But despite having been caught in an affectionate attitude repeatedly, there was still no official confirmation from either of the two actors, who preferred to carry their relationship in the most absolute discretion until today. A

nd it is that Maxi Iglesias has armed himself with courage and he has shouted from the rooftops his love for Stephanie.

Through several photos together on Instagram, the actor wanted to confirm this engagement with a nice message:

The British philosopher Francis Bacon said that friendship doubles the joys and divides the anguish in half. If ‘who has a friend has a treasure’ then, when it is much more than a friend, what is more what a treasure?”.

A declaration of love to which Cayo has responded with some beautiful words: “how beautiful, how beautiful, is how beautiful. From your heart, that encompasses and can do everything”.

Very discreet, Maxi Iglesias and Stephanie Cayo consolidate their relationship little by little, and it is that judging by their words, both are living one of the sweetest moments.

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