The true cause of the death of Enrique Urquijo, from 'Los Secretos'

The true cause of the death of Enrique Urquijo, from ‘Los Secretos’


November 17 of 1999, the lifeless body of Enrique Urquijo was found in a portal in the Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña, causing a great commotion in the music industry as he is one of the most recognized members of the band ‘The secrets‘, which he formed with his brother Álvaro.

Precisely this has recently presented his book ‘There is always a price‘, in which he talks about the true reasons that caused this tragic event.

The book that tells the whole truth of ‘The secrets

During all these twenty-two years, there has been a lot of talk about the death of Enrique Urquijo, trying to solve the mysteries about the causes, pointing to a drug overdose and even painkillers, although never in a way as certain as the one that An authorized voice of the case points out, such as his brother.

Tranxilium is mentioned in this book, a benzodiazepine with an anxiolytic, hypnotic, anticonvulsant, sedative and muscle relaxant effect that, combined with cocaine, caused his death.

In the dates before his tragic death, Enrique Urquijo had left a detoxification clinic, managing to leave before the scheduled time and, consequently, receiving the money that he had paid more for this mismatch of dates.

It was curiously this money that led him to see his camel and cause the outcome that so many figures in the music industry and followers of the artist have lamented during these years.

It was a combination of barbiturates and coca base that caused him to go into cardiorespiratory arrest. That, and bad luck. Nobody goes to the house of camels to commit suicide. Nobody wants to have a high, they take some pills to make it go away and never get home,” says Álvaro Urquijo in his book, recalling how he found out when he received the news after a call from his wife:” He only said ‘Álvaro, has passed ‘and a long silence. I was devastated”.

The presentation of the book is held this Wednesday, and the singer has pointed out that he decided to write it during confinement: “When the concerts stop and have nothing to do, I decided to write the true story of ‘The secrets‘. I wanted to record the truth, so that if someone wants to make another book, a movie or a series, they have a place to find it”, the singer explains.

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