Pelayo Díaz and Andy McDougall separate

Pelayo Díaz and Andy McDougall separate

The couple had been married for three years.

The stylist Pelayo Diaz (35) and his partner, the Argentine businessman and influencer Andy McDougall (32) have terminated their relationship after marrying in September 2018 at the Palacio de la Fresneda, in El Escorial surrounded by their family and friends for just one year after meeting their gazes for the first time.

As published exclusively by the magazine “Lecturas”, the two have been separated since September. However, they have not yet formalized the divorce papers and communicated the news, which they will surely share with their followers on social networks.

According to the same publication, the break occurred in a friendly way as a sign that both continue to follow each other on social networks in addition to exchanging messages on the wall of their photos.

Pelayo and Andy had even planned to be parents. “I have it very clear. I was going to be a father before I met Andy. My main interest was being a father, it was what I wanted. Then I met Andy,” Pelayo confessed in an interview in 2018.

In an interview that Pelayo Díaz gave to the same publication a few months ago, It could see that the relationship, straddling Argentina and Spain, added to the busy schedules of both; it might not have been as idyllic as it might sound. To this day, McDougall has set the course for his native Argentina.

“We strive to make it go well. There are times when the relationship could go down the drain. It is difficult,” assumed the stylist, who also confessed that the couple had gone through ”small ‘crises’ and had overcome them.

“Sometimes, I had to go to put my head under the pillow and scream, then comb my hair and go down to the salon As if nothing happened. Andy is a piece of bread; someone else would have sent me to get wind.”

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