It was one photo in particular that has sparked concern among fans of the Korean star Hoyeon Jung, where she is seen at the LACMA Art and Film Gala very thin.

According to information gathered by JustJares, Hoyeon told Star Newa magazine that while promoting in the United States, she didn’t have much time to eat.

I didn’t even have time to eat. Then I lost too much weight. All the clothes that used to fit me when I first came here (United States) are now too baggy.”

On the other hand, for The Hollywood Reporter she pointed out that: “I lost six pounds in one week when it was successful. I couldn’t eat, it wasn’t stress, I just didn’t know that feeling. What’s going on out there, who am I? I was losing myself.”

A few months ago she was a more or less known figure in South Korea; Today she has almost 24 million followers on Instagram and every image she publishes has a worldwide impact.

Actress and model, Hoyeon Jung a few days ago uploaded a post with several photos in which we can see her with models from firms such as Louis Vuitton. In them, her extreme thinness has left her followers concerned.

Among them, a follower tells her: “I loved you in The squid game. I think you are an actress and an amazing human being.”

“I don’t want to sound negative at all, I just want to say that seeing you in the black dress worried me a bit. I know that the models must have a certain weight standard. But make sure you eat right, eat a holistic diet, and make sure your physical and mental health are fine and with energy obtained from food. Kisses and hugs from Sweden”, comments another fan.

“I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but she looks exhausted,” says another fan.

You are getting thinner and thinner. I hope you are happy and generally in good health,” says a third. Some ask her to be careful about her diet and not having an eating disorder.

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