Wanda Nara is very active in her Instagram stories and now she revealed a curious family fact that unites her to the country in which her husband will be playing soccer.

There have been many rumors about Wanda Nara’s life recently. Especially related to her family’s move to Turkey. It is that many journalists of the show affirmed that the Wanda Nara had separated from Mauro Icardi and that she did not plan to move. However, today Nara said that her grandfather and great-grandfather are Turkish, and that she always felt something very strong for that country.

Between work and moving

Wanda Nara is currently with several television projects in the country. But in addition, she confirmed that she is moving to Turkey with her whole family. In fact, her children have already started school there. Wanda Nara and model did everything in record time. She got a house, schools, everything during the weekend and she was back in Buenos Aires.

of Turkish origin

Curiously, today Wanda Nara revealed from her Instagram account that her last name was actually Nahra, but that at some point they spelled it wrong and that’s how she stayed. Her great-grandfather and her grandfather were of Turkish origin, and she confessed that she traveled several times to see the country of her ancestors. One of her first trips was to Turkey, and she came back several times pregnant and already with her older children.

Fan of your food

Also, Wanda Nara said that she loves Turkish sweets with pistachio. The Wanda Nara revealed that she always gave them to her a friend who had a boyfriend from Turkey, and that she just separated from her. Months later, she received the proposal for Icardi to play in the country. Coincidence or not, Nara is today installed and with all her family in the place where her ancestors were born.

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