The protocols that Princess Diana broke

The protocols that Princess Diana broke

One of the aspects for which Princess Diana of Wales is most remembered is because of her humanitarian commitment. Which is why she even broke a lot of the rules of royalty.

These are some of them:

-She take the hand of a patient with HIV / AIDS

In 1987, Lady Di visited London’s Middlesex Hospital, where she reached out and spoke with patient John O’Riley, when HIV / AIDS patients were considered “unhealthy and contagious” at the time. No royal until then had had such a kind gesture.

According to the director of the AIDS Charity Organization, “Diana, was a true advocate for HIV awareness ”.

-She did not wear a hat when she visited the children.

Although it is a typical accessory of the “royal”, Diana of Wales chose not to use it when visiting children. Claudia Ascott Williams, an employee at Kensington Palace, revealed why: “You can’t hug a child if you wear a hat.”

Although she did not wear this accessory, what she used to wear on those occasions was a floral dress that attracted the attention of the little ones.

-She walked in a minefield in Angola.

Diana, committed against antipersonnel mines, walked in a minefield in 1997. On this trip, she met children who had survived the mines.

-She ran barefoot to support her children.

The image of Princess Diana running barefoot for a school event “on sports day” will remain for posterity and showed that she would be willing to do whatever it takes to see her children William and Harry happy.

-She met people with leprosy.

In 1989 she visited the Sitanaly Leprosy Hospital, during her official visit to Indonesia. And in 1990 she became the patroness of the Leprosy Mission England and Wales. In 1992 she returned to visit another hospital for lepers, with whom she spoke and held out her hand.

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