Europa Conference League Draw: Atlético asks UEFA for explanations

Europa Conference League Draw: Atlético asks UEFA for explanations

Atlético will ask UEFA for an explanation about the Europa Conference League Draw. The draw for the knockout stages of the Champions League gave Bayern Munich, possibly the most difficult rival among the options that the rojiblanco club had and the one with the least statistical chances.

However, the process was cheating. Just before the Atlético ball, the Villarreal tie had come out, whose first confrontation brought Manchester United!, rival of his own group.

The solution was to remove the ballot and continue as usual, preparing Manchester City for the yellow submarine. However, after Atlético left, the mess started again.

In the balls of possible rivals Manchester United’s was not introduced, which was one of the options for the rojiblanco team. And yes that of Liverpool, who could not touch it because both had faced each other in the group.

Once the Europa League draw is over, Atlético wants to communicate with the institution to find out what has happened. From the International Association of Peñas already the club has been asked to contest the draw.

It asks Atlético to mobilize after a draw in which the almighty German champion has touched it, without having any option to face Manchester United.

They have also mobilized in England. The red devils will face PSG in the round of 16, but they also protest because they did not give them the option to face Atlético de Madrid, changing all statistical probabilities. Media such as Sky Sports have already contacted UEFA to request explanations about what happened.

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