Serious accident on the Medellín-Bogotá highway on the morning of this Monday, December 27

In the early morning of this Monday, December 27, a serious accident occurred in the Medellin – Bogotá highway, on the municipality of San Luis, kilometer 73 +500, in the east of Antioquia. A special service bus ran off the road and fell into an abyss, leaving a balance of seven dead people and 20 wounds.

Local media reported, on a preliminary basis, that 40 persons mobilized in the vehicle. Of these, eight reported serious injury, while others 13 were unharmed.

Among the fatalities is the driver, although still the name of the company is unknown of which the automobile is part, which crashed on the 5:20 in the morning.

At this time the relief agencies, including the San Luis fire department, and uniformed members of the Traffic and Transportation Section are present at the site to provide first aid and inquire about the causes of the incident. Some of the affected citizens were transferred to the hospital of this population and of Puerto Triunfo.


Road claims continue to grow at the end of the year. The recent collision between two private vehicles in the south of La Guajira, which left six people dead, and the mishap of an inter-municipal bus between the municipalities of Flandes, Tolima, and Girardot, Cundinamarca, are among the recent examples that frame a tough reality.

The Directorate of Traffic and Transport (Ditra) reported that only between December 1 and 25, a total of 1,439 accidents, leaving a balance of 409 people died. Claims of this kind had a special increase between the 23rd and midday of the 26th of this month, as there were 269 ​​cases, with 56 human losses and 294 wounded.

In 2020, 40% of deaths in traffic accidents in Bogotá were registered in motorcyclists.

In 2020, 40% of deaths in traffic accidents in Bogotá were registered in motorcyclists.

The overall assessment of road safety in the country is not positive, and this was stated by Mary Bottagisio, director of the League Against Road Violence Foundation, in an interview with Globe Live Media Colombia.

“Deaths between 2020 and 2021 have increased more than 46%. As of October 31 alone, we already had in the partial records that 5,900 people had died on the roads of the country. This year is presented as the deadliest year in the last two decades and, now in the month of December, at least 700 more people will die”.

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