The Reyes yesterday sent a telegram of condolences to Maria Iborra, the daughter of the actress Veronica Forqué, who was found dead at her home, last Monday, as reported by sources from Casa Real.

During yesterday, hundreds of anonymous people and colleagues went to the Spanish Theater in Madrid where the interpreter’s burning chapel was installed to say goodbye. At its closure, her mortal remains were transferred to El Escorial where she was cremated in an intimate ceremony.

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, one of the first to attend the venue, highlighted Forqué’s “smile and vitality.” “It will remain as a testimony of good work and a whole time”, he assured in statements to the media, before whom he acknowledged feeling “a lot of sadness.”

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, leaves the José Oliva Spanish Theater.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, leaves the José Oliva Spanish Theater.

Also the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, underlined her “quality as an actress and especially as a person. She was very kind. A great woman”.

“Normally we do not express ourselves much in this type of situation from the Government, but well, I am here in a personal capacity and representing the Community of Madrid”, highlighted the regional leader, who regrets “a lot” the death of Forqué, who “was always very affectionate, very sensitive and kind” with her.

For his part, the director, screenwriter, film producer and president of the Spanish Film Academy, Mariano Barroso, has highlighted that Forqué was “A reference for all”.

“It is always said that the best clown is the sad clown, look at all the pain that Verónica hid and perhaps that is why her works had that extraordinary dimension and they have remained so much in the hearts of the people,” he recalled, without forgetting “The burden of emotions and pain that he concealed and concealed.”

“Here we are giving love and gratitude for all their work and the love of all his companions. Grateful for his colossal talent and absolute dedication. He worked with all his weapons which are emotion, his body, his word. And now he is in a place where no one can harm him”, he concluded.

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