On the same stage in which she performed with “Doña Rosita”, in a montage by Miguel Narros, and in 2020 she directed the play “Españolas, Franco is dead”, hundreds of admirers and colleagues came yesterday to give the last goodbye to Verónica Forqué.

Her smile, her kindness and energy have been the qualities that have stood out the most from the interpreter these days, whose passing has shocked to Spanish society. From early in the morning, dozens of people waited at the doors of the Spanish Theater to pay tribute to her.

The first to visit the burning chapel were the politician Agustín Zamarró, the designer Elena Benarroch, who said that she loved Verónica “since childhood, because of the friendship that united our respective parents”, the actresses Beatriz Rico and Susi Sánchez, the lawyer Cristina Almeida and singer Massiel, who could not hold back her tears.

“A luminous being”

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, also attended the venue, stressing that she was “very affectionate, very kind and a great woman.” Minutes before, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, also pointed out that they will remember Forqué as “a goddess, that luminous being that made us laugh. And the one we will miss for her empathy”.

Likewise, Paco León would highlight “the excessive sensitivity with which she worked. She had the gift of joy”. In addition to adding to the words of her partner and friend Yolanda Ramos, who described the death of the actress as a “work accident”.

María Barranco mourned the loss with “an angel has left us,” and Elisa Matilla, who was fortunate enough to work with the deceased in films such as “Why do they call it love when they mean sex?”, “Enloquecidas” and “Sugar time”, she brought a bouquet of flowers to her friend, to whom she wanted to show her love and respect for being a “wonderful” companion.

The director Mariano Barroso, current president of the Film Academy, attended not only to offer institutional condolences but also to praise the “sensitivity” that all his colleagues speak of.

The best clown is the sad clown“, he pointed out, reflecting on the “extreme pain” suffered by this “extraordinary human being”.

Pepe Rodríguez, one of the MasterChef judges and very affected, he said that “I have been lucky enough to meet such a good, pure soul, we have laughed so much. People with such pure hearts have to be in a good place,” he acknowledged, before insisting that everyone” loved her madly”.

With a sad face, Eduardo Navarrete also said goodbye. The couturier, who had recently exchanged messages with Forqué, wore black roses as a sign of mourning. Juan Ribó, Carmelo Gómez and Antonio Resines, Antonia San Juan and Pedro Almodóvar, who directed Verónica Forqué in “Kika”, “Matador” and “What have I done to deserve this”, among others, did not want to miss the tribute either.

“She was a very good person, an angel. She reminded me of Chus Lampreabe because they were women who had not lost the innocence of childhood. The eighties and nineties cannot be understood without the presence of Verónica”, confessed the filmmaker.

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