Luis Medina Abascal has been attributed this Wednesday, April 20, a crime of concealment of assets. According to the order imposed by Judge Adolfo Carretero, Naty Abascal’s son will have to pay 900,000 euros within a maximum period of three days for his investigation into the commissions charged when they acted as intermediaries in three health contracts from the Madrid City Council in March 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic broke out.

Naty Abascal’s son could have received 800,000 euros of commission

Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño Cerón are accused of allegedly inflating the price of health products such as masks, gloves or Covid tests, by mutual agreement and “with the aim of obtaining an exaggerated and unjustified economic benefit.” Naty Abascal’s son would have received about 800,000 euros of commission while his partner would have pocketed about 4 million euros and would even have made Luis believe that they both charged the same when it was not true. The businessmen spent their profits on luxury whims and, according to Anticorruption, Naty Abascal’s son bought a boat, an Eagle 44 sailboat for which he would have paid more than 325,000 euros.

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