Netflix has announced the premiere on May 19 of the second season of INSIDERS, the innovative coexistence reality show hosted by Najwa Nimri . The program returns with more twists, more tension and more emotion than ever and, once again, with a question in the air: do we behave the same when we believe that we are not being recorded?

To safeguard the biggest secret of INSIDERS, that the participants were already competing without knowing it, the two seasons of the reality show were recorded consecutively, so the new members were completely unaware of what they were facing. And that at first there was speculation about whether they were anonymous or actors. Oblivious to cameras and microphones, and believing that they were in the casting for a reality show that they knew nothing about, they showed themselves as they really are.

The Netflix reality show, produced by iZen, is a new way of telling reality, in which the contestants participate without knowing it in this television experiment where anything can happen with the aim of winning the 100,000 euro prize.

Insiders : The Season 2 Contestants on Netflix

NOWA – 29 years old, Merida. social educator. She considers herself an outgoing, cheerful person with many values, although, at times, she is not very sensitive and empathic.

TANIA – 35 years old, La Rioja. Saleswoman. The worst thing that she carries about herself is that she is a bit envious and capricious. For 100,000 euros she would give up her principles.

RAMÓN – 30 years old, Andorra de Teruel. She lives in Ibiza. private chef He does not support lies, although he admits to having lied a lot in the past. His two passions: the night and the kitchen.

LORENZO – 34 years old, Ciudad Real. Graphic designer. He is cheerful and vivacious, although he is recognized as narcissistic and tricky. He says that the important thing is not to win, it is to make others lose.

ADAN – 30 years old, Seville. Fashion businessman. He considers himself, in his own words, “super cool” and says that he has never heard anything negative about himself.

RACHEL – 29 years old, Madrid. Model. Fun and outgoing, she loves to have a good time and she says she’s sick of being judged by her looks. She doesn’t cut a hair.

MARTA – 25 years old, Madrid. She works in Human Resources. Her dream in life is to become a famous influencer. She forgives but does not forget.

PAUL – 29 years old, Huelva. Flight engineer. People think of him as a robot, a person without feelings. But he says that he is just focused on himself.

ALEX – 34 years old, Madrid. Vehicle sales consultant. He is married and the father of a girl from whom he has never been separated for so long. He claims to have many friends, although he has lost some along the way for saying what he thinks.

SOFIA – 25 years old, Tenerife. Business Administration student. She speaks Chinese, Taiwanese, English and Spanish. He doesn’t consider himself very sensitive and doesn’t care what people think of her.

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