The hint that ‘Epa Colombia’ apparently sent to Andrea Valdiri’s ex-boyfriend

The hint that ‘Epa Colombia’ apparently sent to Andrea Valdiri’s ex-boyfriend

‘Epa Colombia’ and Andrea Valdiri continue to cause a stir on social networks. The Barranquilla has been talking about in recent weeks for the luxurious celebration of the birthday of her first-born Isabella Valdiri, and for the organization of the baby shower for the baby that is on the way.

For this reason, Daneidy Barrera, better known as ‘Epa Colombia’, has sent messages to the dancer, in which she reaffirms her support, and states that she hopes to establish a close relationship with her. Even, The influencer assured that he wants to be the father of the second daughter of the Barranquilla.

“Friends, I am so happy because Andrea Valdiri invited me to her baby shower, I hope I can be very pretty and very elegant. I want to be the dad”, The businesswoman also pointed out in her official profile.

For his part, Valdiri did not take long to react to the stories of ‘Epa Colombia’ and from his official profile he responded with a tender message that moved the entrepreneur and the followers of both even more.

“She is a great human being and she really wants to get ahead, I love it when people dream big and strive to change and give their best,” Valdiri wrote in her response to Daneidy Barrera’s post.

Well, the messages became controversial this Thursday, when Epa Colombia published a new video on his Instagram account, where he apparently sent a hint to Lowe León, Valdiri’s ex-partner.

“I have to bring a very good gift, now I have to work twice as hard. Because I’m the daddy, dear, if that man didn’t have the roe on well, I do have the tits well placed. I do answer, my love, “said the businesswoman with a laugh.

The message of the ‘Epa Colombia’ to the ex of Andrea Valdiri. Video: IG Epa Colombia

Daneidy has not only shown support, but has welcomed it. In recent days, Esperanza Gómez, a Colombian porn actress, He came out in defense of Barrera for the problems he has had with his keratin business.

“I know that justice has already imposed a process on her, has already punished her, they closed her Instagram account, she has shown that she is a very ‘berraquita’ woman, a very hard worker, a woman who learns from her mistakes,” said the actress from cinema for adults.

In addition, Esperanza spoke of the situation faced by ‘Epa Colombia’ with the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (INVIMA) when they closed their hairdressers and keratin stores for not complying with what is required by the entity.

“He has more than paid for that mistake, he has been reborn and has started a new project with his keratin company. So why don’t we all support this woman who has shown that she does not allow herself to be defeated in the face of adversity ”, said the porn actress.

Likewise, he continued his defense of the influencer’s beauty venture and assured that “his company has nothing to do with vandalism, with hurting anyone,” said Gómez, who acknowledged that ‘Epa Colombia’ was wrong, but currently works for claim your image.

“(…) Yes, he was wrong, but now he is working decently, legally. Why does the Government, instead of attacking it, not support it? Knowing that you are now doing something that is an example; it is working hard, showing that it can be done, so let’s support Epa Colombia ”, said the woman from Cali.

“We are all going to support @epa_colombia in his endeavor. kisses … go back never ever give up ”, wrote the actress, in the description of the video in which she defended Daneidy.

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