The hardest New Year's Eve for Antonio Resines in the ICU:

The hardest New Year’s Eve for Antonio Resines in the ICU: “It is difficult for him to breathe because his lungs are bad”

The actor remains controlled 24 hours a day by the doctors at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid

The news of the hospital admission of Antonio Resines continues to shock public opinion eight days after the renowned actor entered the ICU directly for bilateral pneumonia derived from covid-19.

His wife, Ana Pérez-Lorente, has spoken publicly on several occasions to convey the last hour about the state of health of a Resines who is struggling to get ahead and who was waiting for the third dose of the vaccine.

There are several ailments that have caused this outcome. The interpreter has been the victim of several health ailments in recent times: colon cancer, psoriatic arthritis and angina pectoris.

Antonio is, therefore, a risk patient who, due to all these pathologies, is now controlled in the ICU with certain breathing complications due to the delicate state of his lungs.

Antonio Resines is conscious and stable, and this Friday he will experience one of his most bittersweet and atypical nights. Together with his wife, who has not responded to the messages for almost three days, will say goodbye to this fateful 2021 from the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid with the hope of recovering very soon to be with his loved ones and do what he does best again: stand in front of a camera to show why he is one of the most recognized and beloved actors in the country.

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