Since it was announced that Shell Velasco was in a nursing home, the veteran actress It has been on everyone’s lips. The family decided to move to the artist to a center so that she could be better cared for, since her state of health is becoming more delicate and needs more attention. Her son Manuel, during these days, has given continuous explanations about how her mother is and why they made the decision to take Concha Velasco to a residence. The actress, since the news was published, has received a multitude of affection from all professional sectors.

Although she now resides in a facility, the actress you can go outside. And her last visit was to the theater. Shell Velasco attended yesterday to see the play by Jorge Javier Vázquez, ‘Disassembling Seneca’. This is how the presenter of ‘Sálvame’ let us know after publishing a photo with the actress in the stalls. “Happy for having been able to dedicate the show to Concha Velasco. What a thrill to have you in the audience. Thank you for so much for so many years.”, published the Catalan next to the image with the actress.

After so many years on stage, now Concha Velasco has to watch the show from below. According to Jorge Javier Vázquez in ‘Socialité’, have the actress among the public it has been a gift and she will remember that day as one of the most important in her life. For the presenter, it has been a great honor to perform for the artist and he will never forget that moment.

The image with Jorge Javier Vázquez is of total relevance since it is the first time that we see the actress since we know that she lives in a nursing home. Despite everything, the actress looks very happy and happy to be with the actor. and of being able to have attended to see its function. A few days ago, the artist also went to see the musical ‘A Chorus Line’ at the Calderón Theater. Despite her circumstances, Concha Velasco is not going to stop enjoying what she likes the most, theater and acting, either as a protagonist or as a spectator.

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