Everyone would talk about the excellent presentation offered by the beautiful Cuban Camila Hair in which he stood out and everything was amazing, however, today we present you when the British singer Dua Lipa performed the opening of the UEFA in 2018.

In the year 2018, the 26-year-old singer was acquiring that tremendous fame that she was beginning to take, since she released her first album “Dua Lipa”Her popularity rose like foam, quickly, so in the presentation for the sporting event, in almost 7 minutes she offered a show that even her fans are sure that she is ready to perform in a half-time of the Super Bowl.

With a very bright and striking outfit, an iridescent effect, wearing her short hair that barely peeked out from below her ears, she opened the long-awaited show with her iconic collaboration with the musician Calvin Harris in which no one stopped talking”One Kiss”while accompanying dancers made her presentation more interesting, all in a range of colors that are very much in the style of the British.

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After warming up viewers with “One Kiss”Keep Up Your Hit”No Lie”which would be in conjunction with the rapper Sean Paulwho would go to interpret it along with her to add a little rap to her presentation, and then say goodbye to the stage and Dua Lipa continues her show, turning the stage into a beautiful meadow of sunflowers to move to the rhythm of “Be The One”.

Dua Lipa outshines and dazzles at the UEFA opening in 2018

Dua Lipa outshines and dazzles at the UEFA opening in 2018

Fireworks decorated the presentation of the British and then continues with the iconic heartbreak song “IDGAF” next to her dancers, who all wore the same outfit, a very soft purple with a purple skirt with glitter.

And to culminate one of her most successful songs “New Rules”where, together with the girls who accompanied her, she was able to recreate part of the choreography of the official video of said hit, which was the song of the moment for a long time, so to finish with a flourish, she leaves it for the end.

The singer knew how to use her itinerary very well in her music, accommodate them, take out the most relevant ones and organize her presentation, even many were comparing it with that of Camila Hair of the recent year and some agreed that they liked the one from Dua Lipa for having a better organization with the songs I was going to perform.

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