Like a sculpture of flesh and blood, this is what the beautiful Cuban singer Lis Vega looks like in one of the last photographs she published on her social networks, where she shows off the full extent of her beauties without any shame from the favorite angle of her fans. raising the temperature rapidly.

To the delight of all her followers, the vedette was fully capturing her beauty in a series of quite revealing photographs, managing to give Internet users who had the opportunity to appreciate her goosebumps. It was through Instagram where she was posting her visual material.

One of her favorite places is the pool, as it allows her to relax and forget the stress of her busy schedule, therefore, Lis Vega She frequents places where she can take a dip in the crystal clear waters and take the opportunity to show off her beautiful body with her most daring beach outfits.

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That is why the Cuban on this occasion decided to capture her best angle posing on her back while she is at the edge of the pool, right in front of a mirror to show off from all possible angles.

Lis Vega she did her thing, making her almost two million followers sweat, because her enormous rear attribute in the reduced green garment did not go unnoticed by anyone on the entertainment platform, surely wishing she could appreciate it a little more.

Lis Vega shows off her brutal curves from behind at 44 years old

Lis Vega shows off her brutal curves from behind at 44 years old

The two-piece swimsuit was made up of a top and a bright green cheeky, which suits her better than anyone else. Her striking tattoos were the perfect complement, adding joviality and freedom to her image, one of the most acclaimed by her fans is the tree that is embodied in the lower part of the left “cheek”.

Thanks to her beauty, talent and great personality, she is the queen of the hearts of her admirers, because she not only conquers with her physique, but also with the words full of wisdom that she shares daily on networks, honoring her nickname “The Poet”. of the Urban”.

THE IMPOSSIBLE IS ONLY IN YOUR MIND,” ​​wrote the actress.

Lis Vega She was massively praised by the users of the little camera’s social network, who left their reactions and countless comments acclaiming each part of her body and flattering her in ingenious ways.

“Every day you surprise me more, in that pose you look brutal”, “The Woman of my Dreams”, “You are a perfection of a goddess”, “What a beautiful tattoo, my love”, they wrote in the post.

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