The Duchess of Sussex will release her first solo podcast this summer

The Duchess of Sussex Will Release Her First Solo Podcast This Summer

According to Town&Country, a spokesperson for Archewell Audio has confirmed that the first solo podcast of Meghan Markle will be released next summer. There are many doubts about who will appear in the recordings since for the first one, who recorded the dukes of sussexpresented guest stories such as Elton John, Tyler Perry and James Corden.

From that first podcast, 33 minutes long, they were expected to build a community “through experiences, narratives and shared values”. But the years that followed were dedicated to his move from the UK to California and the subsequent birth of his second daughter, Lilibet Diana.

The former actress will use the exhibition as a tool to advance her work for civil and human rights, and in particular her efforts related to women’s equality. Meghan Markle is very active in supporting organizations that ensure women’s empowerment and liberation. In fact, on March 8, International Women’s Day, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made significant donations to four charitable organizations that dedicate their efforts to guarantee a woman’s life to women around the world.

Racial inequality

The prince harry and Meghan Marklereappeared in public the last weekend of February to receive the award from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP, for its acronym in English), which fights for the civil rights of black people in the United States. The association recognized the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their work in favor of this minority, specifically for their promotion of equity in vaccination against Covid-19, as well as for their help in setting up a women’s shelter in the state of Texas and in the creation of an association whose objective is to organize help centers in various communities.

“It is a true honor to be recognized by Derrick Johnson (association president) and the NAACP, whose efforts to advance racial justice and civil rights are as vital today as they were nearly 115 years ago,” when it was founded, the couple said in a statement.

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